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Two technologies to make your life easier


One of the technologies we will soon no longer be able to pass by, is mobile payments. Like paying for our parking by sms, for example.  A service provided by the 4411-service in 24 Belgian cities, representing about 170.000 parkingspaces, for only € 0.15 per SMS sent or received.  Gone are the days of needing loose change in your wallet and misjudging the ruiquired parkingtime. 

Two benefits for all Mobistar subscribers: you do not need to subscribe in advance to the 4411-service and you will receive your parking fees directly on your Mobistar invoice.

As from now, both Proximus- and Mobistar-subscribers can use our 4411-service without any additional subscription and can receive their 4411 parking charges directly on their telco bill(*).

(*) Your mobile subscription needs to support the charging of parking-transactions.  For more info contact your mobile operator.

4411 APP parking: a Belgian first for the city of Bruges


Bruges, 18 March 2013 – Mobile-for, a Belgacom subsidiary that offers 4411 SMS parking, 4884 SMS ticketing for De Lijn, and mobile payments via the PingPing wallet, recently registered the 500,000th SMS parking user in Bruges and, together with the city, is now introducing an innovative product in the Belgian parking world: APP parking.

Mobile apps and website for smartphone-users.


To further simplify our mobile parking service, we have developped a few smartphone-apps and a mobile website.

info apps: https://www.4411.be/apps/
mobile website: https://m.4411.be/


NB:  Only these apps were developed by Mobile-for. Other 4411 applications are not recognized by Mobile-for. If you use an unauthorized application, we cannot guarantee that your parking sessions will be correctly started and stopped, and therefore we cannot be held liable for any errors, extra costs or charges.

New user?

Register for one of our Packs and use all the services available to you through 4411.



  1. No need to use parking meters and small change.
  2. You don't have to estimate your parking time in advance.
  3. With SMS-parking you only pay for the time you actually parked.
  4. No rushing and running when your parking ticket runs out.

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