Frequently Asked Questions

Are several parking sessions possible at the same time?

Users who have subscribed via this website to the Premium or Pro package can run several parking sessions at the same time: per number plate, you send a separate start command (“parking meter code and number plate“) and to end sessions, you send a separate end command (Q+number plate”) for each number plate.

Easy customers cannot run more than one session at the same time.  If you have an ongoing session and you send a new start command, then the ongoing session is terminated and a new session is started with the data from the new start command.

Can I use more than one mobile phone number?

Premium customers:

Users who subscribe to the Premium package can register up to four mobile phone numbers on their account.

Pro customers:

Pro customers can register up to 1,000 mobile phone numbers on one account.

Can I use SMS parking with a prepaid card?

 Yes, of course.

In that case, however, you need to subscribe on our website to the Premium or Pro package, so that we can send you a monthly statement for the parking charges incurred.

The price of the SMS messages is deducted from your call credit (€ 0.15 per SMS from/to 4411).  The price of the parking session (depending on the duration and zone of the parking session) will appear on the monthly statement that you receive by e-mail.

Can I use SMS parking with someone else’s car?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is send the parking meter number together with the number plate of the car concerned in an SMS message to 4411.


– Premium and Pro customers can run several parking sessions at the same time.

– Easy customers cannot run more than one session at the same time: as the second session begins, the first session is automatically terminated.

Do I have to put a paper ticket behind my windscreen to indicate that I am paying via SMS?

No, definitely not.  The local traffic wardens can check whether you have begun a valid SMS parking session for this number plate.

To begin a valid parking session, you send an SMS to 4411 with the number of the nearest parking meter followed by a space and the number plate of your car (without spaces).

Always make sure that you are using the correct parking zone.  If you park in a zone other than the one notified, in the event of a check by a traffic warden, a parking fine will be issued

Do I have to subscribe to the website

Proximus and Mobistar subscribers do not need to subscribe  in order to be able to use the service, since Proximus, Scarlet and Mobistar support the billing of parking charges via your mobile phone bill. (*).

If, as a Proximus or Scarlet or Mobistar customer, you still prefer to have a separate monthly statement, then you can always subscribe free of charge to our Premium or Pro package.

Since the other mobile operators (Base, Telenet, etc.) do not yet support payment of parking sessions via your mobile phone bill, these users have to subscribe via our website. We need extra details to be able to bill the parking charges incurred. Registration is completely free of charge.

Note: prepaid card users should subscribe to the Premium or Pro package, irrespective of which mobile operator they are with.

(*) Your mobile phone contract must support the billing of parking transactions.  Find out from your mobile operator.

Do I have to type in my registration number in my SMS each time?

No. The parking system automatically stores the number plate that you used when you last parked.  If you want to begin a new parking session for the same car, you only need to type the parking meter code into your SMS (and we automatically re-use the last number plate that you indicated).

How can I park via the web or using the app?

Once you are subscribed to the Premium or Pro package, you can use web and app parking. This cuts your call charges, since you no longer have to send any SMS messages.

How can I pay my 4411 bills?

Users who subscribe to the Premium or Pro package receive a separate statement each month for the parking charges they have incurred.

These statements can be paid in the following ways:

  1. via bank transfer
    our account number:  BE43 068245000001

Please quote the structured payment reference shown on the statement.

  1. on line via your account on Under the heading ‘billing and payment’, you can:
    – make a payment by Visa, Mastercard, Bancontact, American Express, ING, Belfius or KBC.
    – set up a direct debit for payment by credit card: your monthly statements will then be automatically settled via your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).  So you don’t have to remember to make your payment each month.

Does this involve any costs?

  1. via bank transfer: no
  2. on line via (for both manual and automatic processing):
    – if the amount to be settled is greater than or equal to € 5: no fees
- if the amount to be settled is less than € 5: + € 0.25.

How do I know whether the system is working or not?

After you send each SMS, you receive a confirmation message. This confirmation should be received within 15 seconds after you have begun or ended a parking session.

If you have previously switched off the option to receive confirmation messages, then you can re-activate it by sending an SMS with the code C1 to 4411.

You can also consult a current status by sending the letter i to 4411. You will then receive an SMS with the status and possibly the parking session for which you are signed in.

Finally, you can always contact the helpdesk (078/05.4411) to request the status of the system.

How do I know what I have paid for my parking session?

If you have not switched off the Confirmation Messages option, you will receive an SMS each time confirming that you have ended a parking session.  This SMS also shows the value of the parking session.

You will receive a complete overview of your payments via your Proximus/Mobistar mobile phone bill or your monthly 4411 statement.


How do I subscribe to the website

Click on Subscribe on the home page to begin registration.

Once you have entered your personal details, you are subscribed and ready to pay for your parking by mobile phone. From then on, your parking sessions will be billed via a monthly overall statement.

How do I turn confirmation messages on or off?

 To save on call charges, it is possible to switch off the receipt of confirmation messages.  You do this by sending the code C1 to number 4411.  The sending of confirmation messages is then switched off automatically.

If you want to receive confirmation messages again, then send the same code C1 to 4411.

How do I use SMS parking?

SMS parking is very simple.  You send an SMS to the abridged number 4411 to begin the parking session and another SMS when you want to end the session.

See “How does it work?” for more information.

Anyone can try out the system once free of charge*.  After that first free use, for the subsequent parking sessions the parking charges due will be billed at the end of the month via your mobile phone bill or via a separate parking statement from 4411.

(*except in Anderlecht, Antwerp, Hasselt, Herentals, Knokke-Heist, Kortrijk, Leuven, Asse and Roeselare)

How much does SMS parking cost?

The total cost consists of the value of the parking session plus the cost of the transaction (SMS messages and/or transaction cost): 

1) Price of the parking sessions:

The city or the municipality determines the parking zones, the parking charges and the times when charges are levied. The price of a parking session therefore varies from one city to another, depending on the location and time of day. The prevailing parking charges are always shown on the parking meters and they also apply for SMS parking.

2) Transaction cost:

* SMS 4411: € 0.15 per SMS from/to 4411 (appears on the bill from your mobile operator or is offset against your call time).

Error messages are always free (these are not sent from the 4411 number but from 4400):

* 4411 APPLICATION: € 0.25 transaction cost per parking session (appears on the monthly statement from 4411)

* WEB no transaction costs
Use of the 4411 services (personal preferences, consultation of parking transactions, etc.) is totally free of charge.
An Internet connection (WiFi/ADSL/GPRS/3G/etc.) is required for transactions via our 4411 APP and our web page ( The cost of this Internet connection depends on your package/contract/credit with your Internet provider.

I want to consult my most recent parking sessions, but don’t want to subscribe.

A summary of your parking sessions is always available via this website.  For security reasons, this summary is only available via a personal web page, for which a login is required.

If you are not subscribed, you can still request a personal login by texting the word PASS to 4411.  Shortly afterwards, you will receive an SMS with a username/ password.  With the login you have received, you can view your parking sessions on line or download them via the heading “Parking sessions summary” .

Is there a limit on my spending on parking sessions?

If you want Proximus/Mobistar to bill your parking charges via your mobile phone bill, then you should bear in mind that a specific limit is set for ‘mobile payments’ in your mobile phone contract.   These ‘mobile payments’ include SMS parking.
Find out from your mobile operator how much you can pay monthly via your mobile phone bill.

If you wish to be allowed to spend more than the limit set, you can subscribe to the Premium or Pro package.  In that case, you will receive a separate overall monthly statement from 4411.

What are the main differences between the Easy, Premium and Pro service packages?

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What do I do if the system is not working?

The 4411 parking system has, of course, been developed for maximum availability, but a fault in the mobile network is possible.  In that case, Premium and Pro customers can also begin and end their parking session via their page on

What should I do if I am not receiving confirmation messages?

Perhaps you opted at some time in the past not to receive any more confirmation messages.  To reset this option, send code C1 to number 4411.

If you did not switch off the confirmations option, you can always view the status of your parking session by sending the code i to 4411. You will then automatically receive a message showing your current status. Of course, you can also contact our helpdesk (078/05.4411) for more information.

What should I do if I began an SMS parking session but still received a parking fine?

In such cases, please contact the relevant parking enforcement department (their details are on the ticket/payment notice).
This department will have access to the details of SMS parking for their city and can check whether a mistake has been made.

If you want more information about your parking session, you can contact our helpdesk on number 078/05.4411 or via e-mail to

What should I do if I have forgotten my username and/or my password?

It is always possible to request new login details by texting the word PASS from your mobile phone to 4411.
Shortly afterwards, you will receive an SMS with a username and password.

Where can I use SMS parking?

Click on Where can I park? on our website.  You will immediately see a map indicating all the affiliated cities and municipalities.

Who can use 4411?

4411 is available for Belgian mobile phone numbers, on contracts as well as prepaid cards.

The only technical prerequisite is that you must be able to use Premium SMS services (these are abridged numbers such as 4411).  If you are not sure whether you can do this, check with your mobile operator.