No more estimating parking time

“How many hours parking should I pay for?” Sound familiar? Well, thanks to 4411, that’s a thing of the past. Forget trying to work it out, because with 4411 you pay only for the time you have actually parked. No more incorrect estimates and cold sweats!

It’s always the same question:

How long have I been gone

Suppose you want to go shopping in the city centre. Once you’ve parked, you want to go and pay. You’re standing in front of the meter, but you have no idea how long you’ll be. You’ve got to go to the supermarket, but you’d like to pop into the new perfume shop, too.

Choosing is losing

And that includes with parking

You allow about an hour and a half for a visit to the supermarket and half an hour for the perfume shop. To be on the safe side, you add an extra hour. What happens? The perfume shop was closed. You decide to go home, but you’ve paid for an hour and a half too much. With 4411 you avoid that.

No more guessing

Thanks to 4411

With 4411 you can pay for your parking sessions via SMS, using the app or on line. As you only have to pay for the time you actually park, going into the city has never been as restful. You no longer have to keep an eye on the time and you can relax totally while you’re shopping.

“Forget trying to work it out, because with 4411 you pay only for the time you have actually parked.”

How much does mobile parking cost?

Via SMS and the app

Once you have tested the system free of charge for the first time (not available in every city and parking garage), you pay only for the actual parking time per parking session. The parking fee payable is charged via your provider’s mobile phone bill. Mobile parking via SMS costs you at least € 0.30. With the app you pay € 0.25 per parking session, and you avoid SMS costs and park more easily.