No more need for change

Forgotten your wallet, or no change in your bag? No problem! With us, having the right change is unnecessary. All you need is your smartphone. You can pay with your smartphone quickly and easily via SMS or using our app. With 4411, paying for parking spaces is no longer a stressful experience!

Into the city … without a care

Suppose you’ve got a day off and you want to go shopping in the city centre. Once you’ve parked, you want to go and pay. Suddenly, you realise that you’ve got no change on you. Thanks to 4411, that is no longer a disaster, because with your smartphone to hand, you always have the right amount.

How can you pay by mobile?


You take your mobile phone and text the number of the parking meter and the number plate of your car to 4411. As soon as you send the SMS, you receive confirmation of the start by SMS. The SMS also states the maximum permitted parking time in the area where you have parked your car. Finished shopping? Text the letter Q to 4411.

How can you pay by mobile?

Via the app

Another option is to pay using the brand-new app. If you don’t yet have the app, download it in your app store. To use the app, you have to have an account with 4411. Don’t have an account yet? That’s not a problem, either, because you can easily register via the app or on line. Choose between the free packages (link to packages) and you are ready to pay via our application.

“We make having change unnecessary thanks to your smartphone.”

Paying via the app is a piece of cake. To begin your parking session, you enter the number of the parking meter and the number plate of your car in the app. You can keep an eye on the status of your parking session while you are shopping. When you leave, you end the session in the app with one click.

How much does mobile parking cost?

Via SMS and the app

Once you have tested the system free of charge for the first time (not available in every city and parking garage), you pay only for the actual parking time per parking session. The parking fee payable is charged via your provider’s mobile phone bill. Mobile parking via SMS costs you at least € 0.30. With the app you pay € 0.25 per parking session, and you avoid SMS costs and park more easily.