On the street and in parking garages

4411 parking on the street and in parking garages is very easy. Send an SMS or use the app to begin and end the parking session. At the moment, mobile payment is active in 27 Belgian cities and municipalities. If your city is not on the list, you can request 4411 in your city or municipality here.

Over 170,000 parking spaces across Belgium

That means over 170,000 parking spaces across Belgium. In all the regions where we operate, the 4411 parking zones are established by the local parking managers or the city and municipal authorities. You always send the SMS to the same central number, 4411.

Services and user-friendliness

for every city or municipality

4411 will always offer the same services and user-friendliness for every city or municipality. For 4411, it makes no difference whether you are a major city or a small municipality, because with 4411 every city or municipality is equal. Do you want to stay informed of new cities and municipalities that have introduced the 4411 SMS parking system?

Where can you park by mobile

When you drive into the car park, you take a ticket as usual. When you leave, you send an SMS with your parking code, a space and the ticket number to 4411. You then receive an SMS with the amount and the release for your ticket. The ticket is added to the other parking transactions and activated so that the barrier lifts.

“4411 parking in the street and in car parks is very easy.”

Another option is to pay using the app. To do this, you have to have an account with 4411. Paying via the app is a piece of cake. To begin your parking session, you enter the number of the parking meter and the number plate of your car in the app. When you leave, you end the session in the app with one click.

How much does mobile parking cost?

Via SMS and the app

Once you have tested the system free of charge for the first time (not available in every city and parking garage), you pay only for the actual parking time per parking session. The parking fee payable is charged via your provider’s mobile phone bill. Mobile parking via SMS costs you at least € 0.30. With the app you pay € 0.25 per parking session, and you avoid SMS costs and park more easily.