Paying easily and quickly

Mobile parking with 4411 is not only safe, it’s also very easy and fast. Once you’ve parked your car, you send the number of the parking meter and the number plate to 4411 via SMS or via the app. When you leave, you simply text the letter Q to 4411. Child’s play, isn’t it?

Don’t feel like messing about?

Park by mobile!

Suppose you go to a big city for an afternoon’s shopping with your family. Once you’ve parked in the huge underground car park, you want to go and pay. Because you don’t want to waste any time, you decide to park by mobile. You open the app and start your session.

Mobile parking

Safe, easy and fast

Mobile parking via SMS or using the 4411 app is safe, easy and above all, fast. You don’t waste time at the meter, you don’t need any change and parking fines are a thing of the past. While others stand sighing at the meter, you and your family can carry on. There’s nothing to spoil your day.

Want to make parking even easier?

Download the app!

To use the app, you have to have an account. Once you’ve registered, parking is even easier and faster. You can register on line via this website or via the app. Choose between the ‘Premium’ and the ‘Pro’ package and start mobile parking even more easily.

“Mobile parking with 4411 is safe, easy and above all, fast.”

How much does mobile parking cost?

Via SMS and the app

Once you have tested the system free of charge for the first time (not available in every city and parking garage), you pay only for the actual parking time per parking session. The parking fee payable is charged via your provider’s mobile phone bill. Mobile parking via SMS costs you at least € 0.30. With the app you pay € 0.25 per parking session, and you avoid SMS costs and park more easily.