Are you self-employed and have you had enough of your parking administration?

Are you self-employed and does your administration keep piling up because of your tickets for parking? Then 4411 has just the solution for you! By creating an account on our website and opting for our free packages, you can enjoy all sorts of advantages. We go through the ‘Premium’ and ‘Pro’ packages below.

No more separate tickets for parking

Suppose you are self-employed and you drive to see customers on a daily basis. After a time, your desk is littered with paper tickets for parking and you no longer have a clear view of all your parking sessions. What’s more, you have no idea how much it has all cost you. With our ‘Premium’ and ‘Pro’ package, that’s all a thing of the past!

A handy overview of all your parking sessions

Thanks to the Premium and Pro packages, at last you have a handy overview of all your parking sessions. Once you have created an account, you are given you own web page where you can view all your parking sessions. That way you can manage all your parking sessions easily in one central place. What’s more, you now know straight away how much your parking has cost. No more piles of administration!

Premium and Pro

service packages

As well as a handy overview, you receive a monthly bill with all the parking transactions per mobile phone number. The Premium formula is ideal for private use because you can link up to four numbers to your monthly bill. For self-employed workers, it is handy to be able to manage all your parking costs in one place. That way, you can distinguish between private parking and parking on business.

“Thanks to the Premium and Pro packages, at last you have a handy overview of all your parking sessions.”

The ‘Pro’ formula is for customers who would like additional services, but who also want to connect various mobile phone numbers to their account. The Pro service is ideal for companies that run their own fleet. With this formula, as an employer you can determine which parking costs are to be covered by you and which by the employee.

How much does mobile parking cost?

Via SMS and the app

Once you have tested the system free of charge for the first time (not available in every city and parking garage), you only pay for the actual parking time per parking session. The parking fee payable is charged via your provider’s mobile phone bill. Mobile parking via SMS costs you at least € 0.30. With the app, you pay € 0.25 per parking session, you avoid SMS costs and park more easily.